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Hello everybody. Today Ideosprocess will share interesting information and tutorials on ART vectors.

Vector is an image formed from a number of lines and curves. The picture quality is good although it is enlarged, because the vector type image is not composed of dots. The applications used to process images of this type of vector are: Corel-Draw, Freehand, and Adobe illustrator. The monitor will usually display images in pixels, so all images of either vector or bitmap will be displayed in pixels. This image contains mathematical elements such as direction, angle size, thickness, color, and so forth.

Vector Art is a pure work vector created using vector base applications or vector-based vector such as Adobe Illustrator and the like. And the end result of the work is also a vector, (vector layer).

In this tutorial Ideos Process will show how to make face coloring vector art. And this short vidio from me.


Color Palettes

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Adode Illustrator Files

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