How to Make Illustration In Adobe Illustrator

Hello Everyone. I managed to design a bird illustration with a half tool pen, Here I started a sketch in Adobe Photoshop but you can also use paper media to start the sketch, because I do not want to work twice I just use the software for the sketch, and all of this I designed one tool on Adobe Illustrator is Brush only in some small part that I designed with pen tool.
Here we will study five stages to illustrate it:

1. Sketch

As I said earlier you do not have to use photoshop to make this stage.

2. Outline

This stage is the stage to create a line on Adobe illustrator just like we make Line Art as Ordinary, here I use the brush tool You can also use the pen tool to complete this stage.

3. Color

The third stage is coloring, I suggest at this stage that you should be more careful at the time of completing the second tah that is when making a line on the illustration so that everything is connected so that it does not leak and and we will use Pathfinder and we will use merge before using Pathfinder you must change all stroke brush to fill by clicking object then click path then click outline Stroke.

4. Shadows

The fourth stage is to make dark and bright areas in the illustration with care and patience 

5. Details

The fifth stage is to make the illustration to look more alive this stage almost equal to stage four just make a small color with great care.

Video Tutorial :

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