10 Tips on Learning Graphic Design Self-Taught

Hello all. In this day I will share interesting information for you who want to learn Graphic Design is self-taught. This is an article suitable for you who want to start career as a professional Graphic Designer.

Many friends are asking me how to learn self-taught Graphic Design?

Here are 10 Tips you should do when you want to learn Graphic Design Self-taught:

1. Starting from the intention

The first thing to note is intent, with a strong intention. learning design can not be done instantly, a lot of material must be learned but with high consistency you can become a reliable graphic designer and can compete in the world of work.

2. How to learn

These 2 tips are individual stages. Everyone has different ways of learning things, some people may prefer to learn from tutorials and practice right from youtube, read books, ask friends etc. Find the most convenient way to learn for yourself so that you can more quickly understand from the material to the material learned.

3. The appropriate software

Graphic design software is very much in number, I think you should start learning from the software you need. For example if you learn design aims to follow the logo design contest then learn software that can create vector images like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, if you want to learn design to process photos use photoshop and so on. Get to know the type and name of the software for graphic design and its usefulness so you do not go wrong in learning.

4. Set goals

The important thing to note is the goal, to start learning the design you have to determine the direction of where you are studying the design, whether you want to work or open a printing business or just to process photos to be displayed in social media. It is worth noting that you get a definite result and in accordance with the needs.

5. Focus on learning

You should be able to share time in learning, while you are learning to avoid the things that interfere with your concentration, such as facebook, twitter, instagram, fuel or people around you, Stay focused in learning so you can more quickly understand the material you are learning.

6. Take advantage of Google

Graphic design tutorial is very easy to find in google, you can learn the design from reading and directly practice it, if there is a question type in google then google will answer with an instant. If you have trouble finding videos on youtube to get to know the steps with detail.

7. Join Community

By following the design community of course your science will increase, you can follow the development around the world of design. If you encounter any difficulties you may ask in the forum. You can also add design community friends on facebook to ask directly in terms of design learning.

8. Not With Mistake

At the time of learning We must often make mistakes, mistakes are not something that makes us become a failure. Use that mistake for your experience. By making frequent mistakes you will find many new experiences (science).

9. Trying New Things

You've heard the  history of WPAP (wedha pop art portrait) He is an artist from Indonesia who managed to create works of art that is WPAP. Trying out the new stuff is the most powerful way to improve your skills, from 1% to 2%, and from 10% to 100%.

10. Search for Teachers / professionals

Learning Graphic Design is Self-Taught That means you learn Alone, you have no chance to ask. You can apply social media as I explain in TIPS 7. And you can search for Teachers on Youtube with subscribe channels that share information about learning graphic design.

We apologize for any mistakes in writing this article.



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